Research Methodology


Quantitative research collects information from respondents through questionnaires.  This helps companies, both big and small, evaluate and improve their products or services, track changes over time, and confirm ideas, helping them in their decision making and improving their brands and products.

Consumer Evaluation & Insights’ strength is in conducting online surveys. However, we also meet client’s business needs with more traditional phone interviews and in-person interviews.  We ensure that the methodology selected will allow us to best answer our clients’ business questions and give actionable results.

When conducting online research, Consumer Evaluation & Insights uses high quality online survey programming tools that allow for the latest question design options that are compatible with mobile and tablet interfaces.  We work with vendors who provide general population samples, targeted samples, and hard to reach niche samples, as well as customer samples provided by our clients.

Consumer Evaluation & Insights recommends online research for many research projects, including segmentation, concept/package testing, user experience research, brand tracking, customer satisfaction and awareness and usage research, among others.

Research continues to be conducted traditionally at on-site locations. Some projects are better conducted in malls or other central locations.  For example, for clients who are testing a product with limited test supply, or concerned about product security, an in-person interview would better meet their project needs.

Consumer Evaluation & Insights recommends on-site/mall interviews for projects such as product testing and shopping insights, among others.

Telephone research continues to be an important method to conduct research.  When we know our target population is less accessible on the Internet, such as matures or other niche or high profile groups,  telephone interviews are a better way to conduct research.  Other times, clients may want to follow up with customers, but the only contact information they have is a phone number.

Consumer Evaluation & Insights recommends phone interviews for reaching mature samples or business professionals, among others.


Qualitative research is collected one-on-one or as part of focus groups. This allows companies to obtain information which cannot be collected quantitatively.

One-on-One interviews are a good methodological choice used when clients wish to talk to individuals in depth or to observe them performing tasks.  These may be conducted in person, over the phone or via video chat.

Consumer Evaluation & Insights recommends One-on-One interviews for research projects including usability studies, reactionary product testing and persona development among others.

Focus Groups are a good methodology to use when clients needs in-depth feedback which warrants group discussion.

Consumer Evaluation & Insights recommends Focus Groups for research projects which look to develop new products or to test reactions to concepts.