Research Solutions

Consumer Evaluations & Insights conducts research both nationally and internationally. We provide the market research our clients need to make business decisions by applying industry expertise and appropriate advanced analytics.  We provide solutions to many business issues, including, but not limited to:

Generating a deep understanding of the relationship between brands/products within a category and where a client’s brands sit within that landscape and what opportunities are available for brand growth and potential new brands.

Identifying different customer types within the marketplace and which of these provide the greatest opportunities to a client’s brands.  Our preferred methodology for determining segments is Latent Class Segmentation.

Understanding how consumers perceive brands, what drives brand recognition and how product marketing/advertising changes affect this within the category landscape.

Determining product pricing, product names or product attributes usually requires trade-off research to understand what combination of offerings generates the greatest sales potential.  This type of research may include Conjoint, Discrete Choice or MaxDiff analysis.  These generate differentiable consumer ratings for products or parts of products.

Understanding the needs, opinions, motivations, and buying behavior of consumers over time to determine how the landscape has changed due to outside influences or changes in the category/industry environment.  This allows clients to make changes to their products to retain and grow their consumer base.

Measuring how well client’s products or services meet customer expectations, overall and in comparison to the competition.

Recognizing how consumers interact with websites to optimize users’ experiences, determine improvements and how potential changes may affect future usage.